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Orbital Grinders

Landis pioneered orbital grinding, or “pin chasing”, technology in the grinding industry. This established a new standard of precision and flexibility to the finish grinding of camshafts/crankshafts, and other non-concentric applications. This technology is applicable wherever your grinding applications require high-speed interpolation and high stiffness.

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Landis LT1CE


The Landis LTC1e: optimized for the single-cylinder engine market

High productivity and high performance go hand in hand in the LTC1e, designed exclusively for small camshaft grinding. Despite the size, there’s no compromise on quality with this machine, which benefits from the same mechanics as the LT1e including:

  • A fully hydrostatic spindle and way system

  • Linear motor technology

  • CBN grinding wheel

Landis LT1CE Cost Effective.jpg
Landis LT1CE Efficient .jpg

Landis LT1E


Unrivalled quality and cycle time in a compact solution

The Landis LT1e takes the technology of a larger machine and incorporates it into a reliable and compact grinding solution. Providing high productivity and precision grinding for smaller 4 or 6 cylinder camshafts, including short-run production of concentric and non-concentric diameter shafts.

High Performance Camshaft Grinding LT1E.jpg

Landis LT2E

Landis LT2E.jpg

Flexibility and precision in a compact and reliable solution

Hundreds of customers have chosen the Landis LT2e for flexible grinding, high performance and superior product quality for mass production.

Additional machine features include:

  • Twin standard or twin opposed wheelheads

  • Swivel wheelheads up to four spindles

  • Single angle-mounted wheelhead

  • Optional ID attachment for simultaneous ID/OD grinding

Landis LT2E Benchmark.jpg
Landis LT2E Machine Highlights.jpg
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