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Cylindrical Grinders 

Our range of machines provides accurate, reliable, flexible and productive grinding solutions for a variety of cylindrical applications. Whether you need OD plunge or peel grinding, the ultimate flexibility of a compact twin-turret multi-spindle machine, or a single spindle solution, we have a machine to meet your requirements.

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Unrivalled quality and cycle time in a compact solution

The Landis LT1e takes the technology of a larger machine and incorporates it into a reliable and compact grinding solution. Providing high productivity and precision grinding for smaller 4 or 6 cylinder camshafts, including short-run production of concentric and non-concentric diameter shafts.

High Performance Camshaft Grinding LT1E.jpg
Flexibility for Intriquite Applications LT1E.jpg


LTT .jpg

High performance grinding solution with one-of-a-kind capabilities

The Landis LTT is a flexible solution for grinding ID/ODs, faces, tapers, including concentric and eccentric diameters and contours, to sub-micron tolerances in a single clamping.

The two rotary turrets are equipped with integrated servomotors and X-axis hydrostatic guideways with linear in-feeds to enable simultaneous contouring of workpieces. All motors are backlash free for all motions, using ultra-stiff hydrostatic spindle bearings.

Fully Integrated Package LTT.jpg
Machine Highlights LTT.jpg

Landis 3LVE

Landis 3LVE.jpg

high-productivity cylindrical grinding machine

With over 500 installations of the original Landis 3L worldwide, the Landis 3LVe is an evolution of success. With an optimized design it provides unrivalled quality and cycle times at lower cost.

Multiple headstocks and footstocks, grinding wheel options and spindle varieties provide additional alternatives to the machine design. And of course, the increased flexibility does not come at the expense of productivity, reliability or product quality.

Flexible Modular Platform Landis 3LVE.jpg
Landis 3LVE Enhanced Grinding Accuracy.png

Bryant TTG

Bryant TTG.jpg

truly flexible grinding with the Bryant TTG

The flexibility of the Bryant TTG grants you the highest level of control on your production runs. From small batches, to high volume, to multiple products in a production run. Save time on component changeovers and ensure consistently high quality with advanced automation.

In addition, this machine can be engineered to your specific manufacturing and layout requirements. And, like all our Bryant machines, you can be assured of the machine’s exceptional stiffness and high thermal stability, thanks to the thermally isolated hydrostatic twin turrets.

Bryant TTG Machine Highlights.jpg
Bryant TTG Open Architecture Control .jpg
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