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ID / OD Grinders 

Inner diameter

Our ID grinders process small parts from 2mm up to 400mm in diameter and can be engineered to suit your production needs. Bryant ID grinders are single spindle machines designed specifically for high capacity and high production.

ID Grinders.jpg

Bryant RU1

Bryant RU1.jpg

precision inner diameter grinding for small parts

As a modular system, the Bryant RU1 can be engineered to fit your manufacturing process. For instance, from spindle position, to wheel size, tools and fixtures; this machine gives you the flexibility you need for maximum efficiency. Spindle options range from 5,000 – 110,000 rpm, with wheels options <1mm in size.

Bryant RU1 Machine Highlights.jpg

Bryant RU2

Bryant RU2.jpg

Optimum productivity without compromising on precision

The Bryant RU2 was engineered from the ground up to accommodate today's ever-changing market. Our granite epoxy bed ensures exceptional thermal stability and the machine's linear motors and hydrostatic round bar in-feed system allow for optimum dimensional and geometric accuracy. Bryant is the most trusted name in today's highly demanding industries.

Bryant RU2 Ideal for Bore Seat Face Grinding.jpg
Braynt RU2 High Performance ID Grinding.jpg

Bryant UL2

Bryant UL2.png

Ultimate rigidity and excellent thermal stability

The Bryant UL2 is designed for maximum stiffness and high thermal stability to withstand the increasing demands of today's ever-changing market. The hydrostatic round bar infeed guarantees the utmost rigidity, while the ‘flow thru’ concept circulates coolant through the round bars and base for reduced thermal expansion.

In addition, the Bryant UL2 delivers precision finished components at high production rates. As a result, you have maximum productivity and exceptional quality, every time.

UL2 Optimize Productivity.png
UL2 Small Components.jpg


The Bryant RU1 and RU2 machines are high precision OD grinders built for round and out-of-round small parts ranging from 2mm to 350mm. In addition, these machines are ideal for fuel management, valve train, bearings, pumps, and more. 

Outer Diameter Grind.png

Bryant RU1

Bryant RU1.jpg

High-precision OD grinding for small components

The Bryant RU1 features a hydrostatic round bar infeed for maximum stiffness. In addition, a granite epoxy bed and thermal compensation system deliver ultimate thermal stability.

The Bryant RU1 is the ideal precision grinding solution for outer diameter grinding of all small parts under 50 mm. This includes but is not limited to bearings, thin shafts, valve train components and pumps.

Bryant RU1 OD Highlights.jpg

Bryant RU2

Bryant RU2.jpg

Optimum productivity without compromising on precision

Bryant is the trusted name in today's most demanding industries. Built to guarantee exceptional thermal stability and with particular care paid to overall machine stiffness, the Bryant RU2 ensures the highest level of repeatable accuracy. Low maintenance, reduced energy consumption, and increased uptime drive a lower total cost of ownership. 

Features to note include the granite epoxy bed, linear motors, 0.1µm resolution glass scales – all designed for maximum stiffness and accuracy.

RU2 OD Multiple Slides.jpg
Bryant RU2 OD Low-Maintenance.jpg

Combined ID/OD grinding

Our combination OD/ID/raceway/face grinders offer high flexibility for workpiece grinding operations with maximum precision and productivity. In addition, these machines provide ultimate thermal stability in a compact machine footprint.

Combined OD ID.jpg

Bryant TTG

Bryant TTG.jpg

truly flexible grinding with the Bryant TTG

The flexibility of the Bryant TTG grants you the highest level of control on your production runs. From small batches, to high volume, to multiple products in a production run. Save time on component changeovers and ensure consistently high quality with advanced automation.

In addition, this machine can be engineered to your specific manufacturing and layout requirements. And, like all our Bryant machines, you can be assured of the machine’s exceptional stiffness and high thermal stability, thanks to the thermally isolated hydrostatic twin turrets.

Bryant TTG Machine Highlights.jpg
Bryant TTG Open Architecture Control .jpg
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