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ABTEX Corporation 

A world leader in custom deburring solutions

Since 1980, Abtex has been solving complex deburring problems for quality-conscious manufacturers of aluminum and powdered-metal products as well as fineblanking and finishing/polishing operations.

Abtex is the world’s only deburring technology company to design and manufacture brushes and the automated systems that drive them to work together in perfect synchronization.

You’ll find Abtex deburring solutions on the manufacturing floors of leading suppliers to the automotive, aerospace, and medical device industries.

Think your deburring problem is “unsolvable”? Contact us for some very good news.

Specialized Systems for Aluminum 

ABTEX Specialized Systems for Aluminum .jpg

Abtex custom-designs and manufactures a wide range of deburring brushes and systems to serve manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum extrusions to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and others.

All Abtex aluminum end-deburring systems are driven by powerful motors and equipped with a pair of abrasive nylon brushes for each end to be deburred. One brush spins clockwise and the other counterclockwise to ensure that each extrusion is deburred completely and precisely.

Systems are available for single and double-end deburring of short and long parts, and in manual and semi-automatic configurations.

  • Brushes and systems designed to work perfectly together

  • Burrs removed quickly and completely; precise surface tolerances preserved

  • Disc and radial wheel brushes available, with silicon carbide and ceramic filaments

  • Small machine footprint saves floor space

Tri Ten System for Powdered Metal & Fine Blanking

ABTEX Machine .jpg

The Abtex Tri-Ten Deburring System for Fineblanking and Powdered Metal

Abtex’s Tri-Ten Systems with Planetary Head —  Simple design, robust construction, exceptional results

The Abtex Tri-Ten System incorporating a Planetary Head is the result of innovative lab work and nearly four decades of machine building and brush application experience. It’s simple in design, robust in construction, and extremely efficient on your manufacturing floor.

Tri-Ten Systems are used primarily in Powdered Metal and Fineblanking applications, where the ability to deburr both flat and intricately contoured parts is essential.

Tri-Ten Systems have been designed to solve customer problems using from one to four planetary heads.

They can be configured as either Flow-Through (parts enter at one end of the machine and exit at the other) or Return-to-Operator (abbreviated “RTO”, where parts are placed on a belt by an operator, deburred, and returned to the starting point).

They are available in “wet” (parts sprayed with coolant during deburring) or “dry” (no coolant) configurations.

Tri-Tens are robustly designed and constructed (some say overbuilt — we say you can’t be careful enough!) for continuous, efficient operation.

For example, to change deburring brushes “on the fly,” the operator simply adjusts a set screw to release or capture the brush via a simple retaining pin eliminating any complexity and allowing a full brush change in under five minutes!

Would you like to learn more about how the Abtex Tri-Ten can make your manufacturing operation more efficient? Call us today.

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