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Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in Precision production machining, grinding, and deburring. 

We specialize in Precision Production machining, grinding, and deburring. 

Combined OD ID Grinding
Orbital Grinding
Horizontal Disc Grinding
Horizontal Disc Grinding
Planetary Head Deburring
Vertical Single Disc Grinding
Cylindrical Grinding
ID Grinding
OD Grinding
Orbital Grinding
Vertical Disc Grinding

Consumable Products

Disc Wheels .jpg

Abrasive Disc Grinding Wheels

Disc Grinding Equipment and Abrasives. 

Grinding Wheels.jpg

Grinding Wheels

Cylindrical, Diamond, CBN, Regulating wheels

Rotary Combined Pic.jpg

Rotary Diamond Dressing Tools

Rotary Diamond Dressers 

Coolant Pic.jpg

Coolants, Cleaners, Fluids

Coolants, Cleaners, Fluids for Grinding and Metalworking 

Grit Tools.jpg

Diamond Dressing Tools

Single Pt., Multi-point, Grit, CVD, Chisel

CBN Inserts .jpg

Cutting Tools

Diamond, CBN, Carbide

Gage Contact.jpg

Gage Contacts

Gage Fingers, Diamond Contacts, Hardware

Deburr Brushes.jpg

Abrasive Nylon Deburr Brushes

Deburring equipment and Abrasive filament deburring brushes. 

Drill Pic.jpg

PCD Round Tools

PCD Drills, Reamers, Round Tools

UG Ball Chuck .jpg

Engineered Work-Holding

Chucks, Collets, Fixtures, Tooling, Jigs, etc. 

Dressing Sticks.jpg

Dressing Sticks & Stones

Aluminum Oxide & Silicon Carbide Dressing Sticks and Stones

Tools Hand Delivered

Delivery Pic.jpg

We work with our customers to provide customized solutions for tool inventory. 

We work with our customers to meet their inventory needs. We develop options that meet their needs and take the work-load and worry from them. We manage the inventory for them and provide weekly reports to help them avoid running out of tools, potential machine down-time, spikes in usage, etc. 

Stock Tools Pic.jpg

Stock held at our location

Spreadsheet Pic.jpg

                 Weekly Reports

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PO Box 37
Harmony, NC 28634
(704) 539-4670


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